Texas County Courthouse is open as long as you have no fever or traveled to an infected area. We will still have open meetings. If you cant get in call the office you need we will come down to you.

Election Board

Texas County Election Board Office

Sierra Martinez
Election Board Secretary
May 1, 2017
In office since
Sierra Martinez
Sierra Martinez
Election Board Secretary

The Election Board is responsible for maintaining voter registration records and for the conduct of all federal, state, county, municipal and school district elections in Texas County. The Election Board is comprised of three members: Doug Melton, Chairman, Beverly Richards, Vice-Chairman, and Sierra Martinez, Secretary. The Secretary is charged with the duty of the daily operations of the Election Board Office. Some specific duties include printing, testing, and distributing election ballots and programs, appointing and training precinct officials, and tallying and certifying official election results. In addition, the secretary provides public information for all election related activities. Also we will have everything in english and spanish ASAP!!!

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